BetterMan - The Hair Growth Serum

BetterMan Labs - Hair Growth Serum

  • 100% Organic, pure and natural

  • Stimulates & nourishes hair follicles

  • Prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth

  • Designed to revitalize, strengthen and protect

  • For restoration, stronger, thicker & longer lasting hair

  • Payments proccesed with a bank-level security.

Comprehensive Topical Hair Treatment

100% Natural Leave-In Ingredients

Blocks DHT in the scalp.

Stops hair loss provoked 

by DHT miniaturization of the hair follicle. Backed by science.

Protects Hair Follicles.

After application, the serum leaves a natural protective layer that will protect your hair from UV light, heat and breakage.

Stimulates the follicles.
In just 6 weeks, your hair starts
 growing with up to 30% more,
 thanks to the premium herbal ingredients.

BetterMan Hair Growth Serum is optimized specifically for fast recovery after a hair transplant.

Special hair serum containing high bioavailable ingredients. To be used right after washing with Betterman Anti Hair loss shampoo for maximum effect. Enriched with multiple natural, nourishing ingredients that infiltrate into the hair follicle roots, repair & activate the dormant hair follicles, increasing nutrient absorption and accelerating hair growth. At the same time, it effectively hydrates, reduces split ends, hair breakage and reverses hair loss due to natural DHT blocking ingredients. Leaves hair fresh and smooth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
It's working

In the first 3 weeks, it didn't seem that anything was changing, but in the 4th week I am discovering some thickening and some new growth. Great serum that you don't have to use too much of, meaning there is plenty in that bottle and lasts well. A fantastic product that does what is says.


I am very happy with this product,highly recommended!

Brian Hall
Smells great

The Betterman hair growth smells amazing and I have implemented it in my morning routine. I been using the product for the last 6 weeks and I have already noticed that my hair is growing faster and thicker. Highly recommended!

Billy Mitchel
The best on the market.

Great natural product with potent ingredients. Customer service is first-class too. Hair is looking thicker with less hair shedding. Keep up the great work!

Georgiy Boekov
Simply Amazing

The serum is very good and makes the hair silky soft. The scent of the serum is also very good and this is the best serum I have used till now. The quantity is also good and totally worth it!

High Quality Herbal Ingredients recommended by Hair Professionals.



  • Strengthen hair & Prevent hair loss 

  • Effectively promote hair growth and care.

  • It is the most effective hair growth product.

  • Nourish hair follicles, inhibit greasy hair roots.

  • Dense hair, issuance, let the hair follicles to grow new hair root!

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What's Inside The Hair Growth Serum?

The Hair Growth serum is a 100% Natural product. It's packed with science-backed premium herbal extracts.

Full Ingredients list: Demineralised Water, Biotin, B-Complex Formula, Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Extract , Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Leaf Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Eugenia Caryophylate Flower and Leaf Extract, Rose Oil Extract

What is BetterMan - Hair Growth Serum? 

The serum formulation consists completely of organic and pure ingredients. The product is designed to revitalize, strengthen and protect hair.The BetterMan hair growth serum prevents hair loss, stimulates hair roots, nourishes hair follicles alongside promoting healthy hair growth.

How does BetterMan - Hair Growth Serum work? 

The Hair Growth serum is made of multiple natural, nourishing ingredients that infiltrate into the hair follicle roots, repair & activate the dormant hair follicles. Having healthy-looking and strong hair it's not just a matter of genetics ,it is a matter of taking care of it too. To reach maximum effect, the Hair Growth Serum should be applied after washing your hair with Betterman Anti Hair loss shampoo. 

How to use BetterMan - Hair Growth Serum? 

The Hair Growth Serum should be applied after the hair is washed with BetterMan Anti Hair Loss shampoo to slightly wet hair. 2-3 drops should be dispensed onto the scalp or onto the palm of the hands. Massage your hair roots and scalp for 2-3 minutes with your fingers and then rinse thoroughly with water. 

Is BetterMan Hair Growth Serum safe? 

The Hair Growth Serum is absolutely safe as it consists of 100% natural ingredients and vitamins for optimal hair benefits. We specialize in producing vegan-friendly and organic products that contain no animal substances in order to provide products that are natural, safe, and of high quality.

Is BetterMan Hair Growth Serum effective? 

Due to the unique organic ingredients of the Hair Growth Serum, it activates dormant hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp, promoting rapid hair growth and nourishment. It has bio-active nutrients that are necessary for hair growth.



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