Neuro Ignite

Herbal Mental Performance Enhancer


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“This is amazing stuff made from natural ingredients. It totally transformed me as a person. I can think clearly from the first capsule and my confidence has increased, it helped me with my mild depression symptoms. Thank you BetterMan Labs. You have made me feel brand new."*

- Michael Anane ( Neuro Ignite Beta Tester)

neuro ignite helps you reach peak cognitive performance without the side effects.

powerful herbal focus blend (natural nootropics)

Ginkgo Biloba , Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzia and Guarana extracts SerinAid® Phospholipid Complex, Taurine

  • Powerfully boost brain function.*

    Nootropics are natural supplements that have a beneficial effect on brain function. Neuro Ignite is made with science-backed ingredients that boost memory, motivation, creativity,  and overall cognitive abilities.

  • Improvement in skills and alertness.

    Neuro Ignite is developed to support memory, mental performance & focus as well as improving your alertness while improving your reaction times.

  • Stimulating blood flow to the brain cells.*

    By supercharging your brain with the ingredients in Neuro Ignite, you boost brain energy by stimulating blood flow and oxygenation to the brain cells. The results are increased mental energy, improved concentration and balanced mood, without the crash effect

adaptogenic herbal blend + antioxidant support

Ashwagandha, Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom, Panax Ginseng Rhodiola rosea Extracts

  • Counteract the effects of stress in the body.*

    The adaptogens in Neuro Ignite help the body respond to stress by regulating hormone responses. These herbs aid our bodies in reacting to or recovering from both short- and long-term physical or mental stress.
  • Boosted immunity and overall well-being.*

    Neuro Ignite simply helps you to adapt to stress. Adapting quickly to stress, ensures we perform better and feel better despite what the stressing factor is. This will help you be in your prime health and well-being. 

  • Decreased sensitivity to stressors.*

    The ingredients in Neuro Ignite have a significant positive impact in times of stress and can counteract the physical harm that stress does to our bodies by helping your body cope up with stress more efficiently. 

scientifically proven fuel for your brain = lasting laser sharp focus and peak cognitive performance*

Limitless cognitive abilities*

The perfect dose of Neuro Ignite will help you to improve memory, increase mental alertness and concentration as well as boost energy levels and wakefulness. 

Supercharged energy levels*

Developed by scientists, our Neuro Ignite supplement helps to boost energy & vitality levels as well as enhances focus, attention, and overall mental performance.

Intense focus and learning abilities*

The herbal blend inside Neuro Ignite will help you achieve that laser focus and improve your abilities to learn and retain new information. Your daily tasks will become a breeze. 

100% Plant based.

Neuro Ignite Herbal formula contains plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and a live culture proven to work.

Neuro Ignite is a powerful natural and research-backed supplement that contains nothing but 100% safe and organic ingredients that are just proven to work.

We feature only science-backed natural ingredients in our formulas which are extensively tested with the latest technologies in the industry for quality, purity & potency. Produced in a GMP Certified Facility.


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What's Inside?

In 1 serving (2 Capsules) there are 1000mg pure & potent active ingredients.
- Eurycoma Longifolia Jack (Grade 50:1) Pure Extract: 500mg
- Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris 60% Standardized Extract: 500mg
- Capsule Shell & Coloring made from Cellulose (Natural sources)
Certified 100% Organic product.

Is Neuro Ignite safe? 

Customer safety is a #1 priority for us therefore our product is 100% Plant-Based.All the ingredients in Neuro Ignite are well researched by our team of nutritionists. Our products do not contain anything that is not suitable for human consumption. 

How long Can I take Neuro Ignite for?

How much Capsules do I need to take ?

How many Capsules do I need to take?

The optimal serving of Neuro Ignite is two (2) capsules per day. We recommend you to take 2 capsules in the morning before food. 

How Quickly Can I expect the benefits?

In order to experience the full benefits from the herbs, you need to take Neuro Ignite for at least 4 weeks. The very first effects from the supplement can be experienced after the first serving. 

Are there any side effects ?

Neuro Ignite is a supplement that contains 100% herbal ingredients and it doesn't carry any side effects. 

 Is Neuro Ignite suitable for both Men and Women? 

Neuro Ignite is specifically formulated to be suitable for both men and women so they can experience the full benefits of the product. 

Is there a specific group of people that should not use Neuro Ignite?

The product should not be used by:
-Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
-Those with allergens to any listed ingredient(s)
-Those with underlying health conditions