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Noticeable changes

Definitely noticed a change from a couple of weeks into taking one a day. Maybe a higher dose would give better effect however they do contain creatine which I already use so am having to adjust how much I take to compensate. I wouldn't say that my libido is back to where it was, but it is noticeably better than it has been for a while now.

A defo great product, Great for the sex life Too 😁

I'm not finished on the initial package I received.
The 45minutes before takes getting used to.
Also how many capsules to take also takes time.
Think I'll increase Daily amount
then review.

Smells great

The Betterman hair growth smells amazing and I have implemented it in my morning routine. I been using the product for the last 6 weeks and I have already noticed that my hair is growing faster and thicker. Highly recommended!

The best on the market.

Great natural product with potent ingredients. Customer service is first-class too. Hair is looking thicker with less hair shedding. Keep up the great work!

Simply Amazing

The serum is very good and makes the hair silky soft. The scent of the serum is also very good and this is the best serum I have used till now. The quantity is also good and totally worth it!

Good booster

So far so good,however,just worried about the 30 minutes I have to wait
before eating. It discourages me from taking sometimes

Too early to tell.

It’s too early for me to give a qualified rating, but I do feel there are benefits coming.

Improve stamina and body muscle

I have been taking these Better Man Testosterone Boosters for a few months now and I have, along with family and friends, seen a huge difference in my body looks. I’m a 68 year old man who has lost a lot of weight by dieting and exercise but taking these capsules have helped boost my energy levels and muscle. I fully recommend these Better Man Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone booster

Have been using testosterone for 3 weeks and my strength has gone up and feel well in myself

I need to buy a 3 months supply

I am traveling out of the country and my last purchase was for the 60 capsule package. Please send me the email to purchase a 180 capsule package with the relevant discount. Thanks.

Working wonders

My 30 day (20 uses) results where amazing, I've brought more as i think its a miracle worker! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to grow and strengthen their hair. In my honest opinion, the first 2 uses i noticed a lot of hair loss in the bath (this appears to be normal) and my hair felt heavy, this soon past and now my hair feels wonderful and soft, i dont need to style it, just wash, comb and leave! 100% recommend.

The best shampoo on the market

BetterMan has helped me regain my confidence. Over the past few months that I have used the Blue Shampoo as a preventative, I have seen my hair strengthen and thicken. I think it is a very affordable solution, and guys who feel like their hair might be thinning should definitely give it a go. Packaging is discreet and I am definitely feeling confident to have this product on my bath stand.

So far so good

So far, so good! Delivery was fast and prompt, well packaged, and the shampoo quality is amazing, my hair seems healthier after a week! Time will tell if any regrowth is going to happen but I'm happy so far.

More strength.

I'm 63. I thought I had reached my limits in weight training but since taking these boosters I have surpassed those limits. I definitely feel stronger.

I am tingling between my legs. I really am

These are absolutely fabulous. I am nearly 65 and very young for my age and these have given me a fantastic desire for getting it on. I have recommended them to my friend

Test booster

Deffo feel different in other areas lol but only been taking few weeks not started training yet so we will see but deffo feel better

BetterMan - Natural Testosterone Booster

Energised and up for it

I've managed to shrug off a cloak of tiredness that had been hanging around for sometime now. Fatigue through lack of sleep, 5 to 6 hours a night every day has caught up with me. But the Betterman Natural Testosterone Booster has either physically or mentally freed me from the gloom. I feel more awake and relaxed using them.


Certainly helps boost the energy system!

Good stuff

I've tried numerous boosters and these are the best. I have better energy levels, feel stronger and certainly seen an improvement in other areas too 😉


I was showing every symptom of low testosterone levels.
Seeing your add for this natural booster I decided to take a punt on the product.
Six weeks on and the fatigue has lifted , enthusiasm has returned ( I’m even back at the gym ! ) , sex drive has gone from zero to the same levels as my 20’s , I’ve started WANTING to take care of myself and the weight is starting to go.

The results are nothing short of astounding !!!

I have and will buy this product again.

Thank you for helping me become a Betterman 😊

Without doubt the best supplement I have ever taken

Over the past 30 years I’ve been a regular user of the gym and have tried all kinds of supplements from creative to L carnitine to amino acids but this testo booster has to be the best training supplement I’ve ever had from a natural energy and endurance boosting perspective particularly now as a man of 48 you absolutely will love this supplement it will take your training to a different dimension and at £20 per 60 capsules you get incredible value guaranteed.

Boost for sure

I’ve been using this product and it’s been great more energy and muscle growth for sure