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Excellent product

I have noticed a massive difference since starting on these. Mood, energy and strength just some of the improvements, I have recommended these to all my friends.

Very Effective

I have researched and tried loads of testerone boosters and so far i an impressed with the amount of energy I have to get back into strength training, I am considering subscribing, you will feel the results after 3-4 weeks.

Achieving A Leaner Look

Testosterone booster has really improved my physique, I’m training better and my confidence and energy has improved.

So I have tried this product for a month and I will admit that I was sceptical. However I find that I do have more energy and my mood has improved as far as libido is concerned the jury is still out. So in my opinion this product i will order again and see how the next month works out but so far so good

May be this could be the best!!!!

I have been taken with other supplements in the last more than 4 weeks but I’m not quite sure betterman make huge difference anyway I’m gone take 1 more full dose supplements to ensure it’s true and I wish all the best to betterman !!!!

Excellent product!

I was a bit sceptical at first after reading the article on the products and betterman labs, but as I was in need of something to help with issues without the need of medications, I thought I would give this a try.
Delivery was very quick and I began taking the capsules immediately. As with all meds or supplements it does take time to feel the full effects. I was pleasantly surprised to see a change within around two weeks with energy levels, less fatigue. Sexual energy was elevated and I noticed a big change in arousal with stronger and longer lasting erections. Now after using the product for a month now my libido feels like I am 21 again, arousal is a lot quicker, erections are stronger than ever and longer lasting and orgasm is powerful.
Thank you, thank you!
I will be repeating the order and happily say that this is a safe and effective product for my needs.

Still waiting for results

BetterMan - Herbal Test Booster 2.0
Darryll Maudsley-McCarthy

Definitely felt a change. Highly recommend these over any others out there.

Feeling more energy

They do work but I think I need stronger ones


I've suffered for years with depression and anxiety, I have felt myself physically deteriorating over the years, motivation, aches, mood and recovery from any activities I do!
I have taken BetterMan for one month so far and I am delighted with the result..... I have energy to work, my general mood has lifted and my aches and pains have decreased massively! Over all, I can honestly say that this has helped me more than anything I have tried before and I plan on making BetterMan my new monthly supplement. I had better mention that I feel stronger and gained muscle just through my work, no gym!
I'm looking forward to seeing the long term results, I may even start a light fitness routine!?

Putting the spark back into my life

I never knew that, over time, male testosterone levels dropped as we age. I was lethargic, and sex to me was a thing of the past; I was never in the mood. Enter better man testosterone booster; now I am more attuned to the busy life I lead, and my desires have shot up, I am more active and able to manage the demands of everyday life. Thank you Better Man.

Good stuff

Quick delivery and started to feel the difference after 2 weeks

Very happy with this product feel a lot better and it's make's me work better i can say

Works ok

I take one in the morning one at night. I’m going through a stressful time at the moment and taking these tablets seem to help keep my spirits ups.
Seen no weight loss but energy levels have increased. I’m 62. So please so far

Very happy with this product feel a lot better and easy and fast to re order 💪👍

Noticeable difference

This is a great product.
I have noticed my midday loss of power has disappeared and a general feel good feeling has taken over.
Got them automatic order now.
Give it a bash- it’s worth it.

I don't really know what happend, but it works

I've decided to give the pheromones a try, because everyone are speaking about them.
I've put 3 drops right before I went to the office and all of the HR's went crazy. They started asking me about the aftershave I use and so on and so on.
Can't wait to try it out in my next date!

Amazing products

Pheromones works every time, smells great and i always get compliments on dates. Works like magic

Great product

Product is good quality and there was a noticeable effect in a short period of time.
Just about to order more.


I've been using them for about 2 months now and do feel better about myself and less tired.
They seem to give an increase of more self-confidence and make you feel like doing more.
I guess the knock on effects will improve fitness and physique in time.

Great stuff puts the lead in your pencil, will buy more, try it guys nothing to lose

Great stuff puts the lead in your pencil, will buy more, try it guys nothing to lose


looks at so
e the comments sayin stuff rubbish def feel better takin feel more alive have more energy

Phil x1

Excellent product