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BetterMan Labs - Pheromone Essence

BetterMan Labs - Pheromone Essence

Instant Attraction Through The Power Of Science And Pheromones


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  • Scientifically proven to attract Women.

  • Irresistible First Impression.

  • Strongest Formula on the Market.

  • Long-Lasting Impact. 

  • Enhanced Attraction. 

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It's like magic in a bottle and works every time. It has transformed my dating life in ways I never thought possible. I used to be shy and struggled to make moves with women, but after trying this, I noticed a significant difference.

 -James M 

Become More Attractive to Women Using The Sixth Senses 


BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence,

a cutting-edge formula meticulously crafted to amplify your natural appeal. Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art pheromone technology, this essence unveils the world of enhanced charm and attraction. Pheromones, scentless chemical signals secreted by the body, work discreetly to trigger subconscious responses in women. Experience the magic by applying just 1-2 drops on your neck and wrist pulse points. We're so confident in its effectiveness that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Elevate your allure and unlock a new level of confidence with BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
I don't really know what happend, but it works

I've decided to give the pheromones a try, because everyone are speaking about them.
I've put 3 drops right before I went to the office and all of the HR's went crazy. They started asking me about the aftershave I use and so on and so on.
Can't wait to try it out in my next date!

Byren Grantham
Amazing products

Pheromones works every time, smells great and i always get compliments on dates. Works like magic

Better man pills.

Nothing to report as yet still waiting to feel some difference will review after the first month.

Alan Jones

BetterMan - Natural Test Booster

Terence Rowberry
Test Booster

It's a bit early yet as I'm only at the start my second week but I do feel a little bit more alive and I'm certainly sleeping better.

Alan Paul
Only had um a week.

Not really been taking then for long to notice much change yet?

Peter O'connor

BetterMan - Natural Test Booster

Martin A Adams
Great product

2 weeks in and already feeling a benefit 👍

John Aspey

Super quick delivery

Mark OSullivan
Fantastic product

I have been taking them for 2 months now and I seem to have a lot more energy than before. I have also noticed that my libido is off the scale which isn’t a bad thing for a 50+ male

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence work?

BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence incorporates advanced pheromone technology, which utilizes scentless chemical signals naturally secreted by the body to communicate and trigger subconscious sexual responses in women. By applying the essence to your neck and wrist pulse points, it enhances your natural appeal, making you more attractive and captivating to others.

 Is BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence safe to use?

Absolutely! BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence is crafted with safety in mind. It contains carefully selected, high-quality ingredients that have been extensively tested for effectiveness and safety. The formula is non-toxic and gentle on the skin, suitable for regular use.

 How long does the effect of BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence last?

The longevity of the essence's effect may vary from person to person. Generally, a single application can last several hours, providing you with enhanced charm and attraction during that time. For longer-lasting results, reapplication may be needed

Can women use BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence too?

BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence is specifically formulated for men to enhance their appeal to women, however this will work to attract women regardless of your orientation so yes. 

Is BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence backed by any scientific research?

Yes, BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence is backed by extensive scientific research and development. The formulation is based on the latest advancements in pheromone technology, and its effectiveness has been validated through studies and testing.

What is the recommended application process for BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence?

To experience the best results, apply 1-2 drops of BetterMan™ Pheromone Essence on your neck and wrist pulse points. This allows the essence to blend with your natural body chemistry, maximizing its effect and charm-enhancing capabilities. Remember to shake the bottle gently before each use for optimal dispersion of the pheromones.