A Natural Cure for Low Testosterone has been found.

A Natural cure for Low Testosterone has been found...

Recent Studies Confirm - A Natural Cure for Low Testosterone Has Been Found.

A magical plant is a symbol of power for primal men in Malaysia.

Far away in the hot rainforests of Malaysia grows a potent aphrodisiac plant called Eurycoma Longifolia. Or as known outside of the science world - Tongkat Ali.

The 10-meter-high unbranched magical tree has an interesting name. The word “Tongkat” means a walking stick, which was a common tool used by Malaysian men. Thus, the literal translation of Tongkat Ali is “Ali’s walking stick”.

The plant has a long history in Malaysian culture which dates back to the 12th century.

For decades, people from the East, Africa, and South America have been using herbs as the main form of medicine. Back in the day, people that lived in these regions would use Tongkat Ali to combat all types of illnesses. They used it for treating malaria, aches, fever, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, mental energy levels, loss of sexual desire, and impotence.

 Malaysian ginseng, as the plant is known by locals, is a big part of their daily life. Malaysians incorporate it in their routine life as an ingredient for coffee, tea, and even energy drinks. In fact, local people have opened up coffee shops where visitors can taste the special Tongkat Ali coffee.

Historically, the plant has been known to decelerate the process of aging by having a positive effect on male infertility, libido, energy levels, mood, sports performance, and low testosterone levels.

Numerous scientific studies back up the health benefits of Tongkat Ali

In recent years, the demand for Tongkat Ali has skyrocketed. As people have become more skeptical of costly modern medicine, organic herbal alternatives have grown in popularity. Another reason for the growing popularity of the plant is the fact that its magical properties are no longer a myth.

A study was conducted by BioMed Central Ltd which aimed to evaluate whether the Eurycoma Longifolia Jack herbal extract in BetterMan Herbal Testosterone Booster could have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

As the T-hormone regulates body functions, its stable level is vital for the male body. The hormone is responsible for a man’s sex drive, physique, mood, energy levels. Testosterone levels remain quite stable in men throughout their 20's. However, it has been proven that once they reach 30, T-levels start dropping 1% per year.

According to the study, the Eurycoma peptides contained in the BetterMan Naturel Testosterone Booster stimulate the release of “free” testosterone. In a sense, the peptides are not a testosterone “booster” but rather a testosterone “maintainer”.

This makes the herb perfect for individuals with T-levels below the norm.

A series of animal feeding studies and human supplementation trials have investigated the potential benefits of the “Asian Viagra”, as the plant was called by the UK Sunday Times.

The Results May Surprise You!

The trials resulted in a 37% increase in testosterone production in just 38 days!

Moreover, the examined individuals showed a decline in stress levels and fatigue and an improvement in the overall psychological mood state and energy levels.

Thanks to modern science, Western people became aware of the magical herb that Malaysians in the far East have been using for decades! The scientific studies conducted on the herb and the impressive results have drawn up even more attention to its powerful effects on health. The increasing needs for the herb and the lack of companies that cultivate it are the reason Tongkat Ali prices are soaring.

BetterMan Labs - The company that allows its customers to experience the purest extract of Tongkat Ali without having to pay a fortune.

BetterMan has chosen Tongkat Ali as one of the two herbal ingredients in its BetterMan Natural Testosterone Booster for one main reason:

The herb has proven to cause the most significant increase in testosterone production among all natural compounds ever tested.

Unlike many brands on the market, BetterMan does not use unrefined Tongkat Ali as it could contain high levels of mercury and potentially be harmful. Tongkat Ali, alongside the second main ingredient of the BetterMan Natural Testosterone Booster - Tribulus Terrestris, are cultivated from areas known to yield bio-active ingredients. The product have helped thousands of men across the globe to regain their confidence by improving their energy levels, sports performance, mood, help them build muscle mass, fertility, strength and improve their libido.